We should ask ourselves, how can we spend less time behind a screen?

Technology can feel more natural if it’s designed to demand less of our attention.

Imagine an assistant who is there to support you while you take some time to try something new.

Explore the tough questions, but with more help.

This is our vision. What can we build for you?

Human-friendly systems to organize and simplify the information we rely on.


Design is about service, not ego.

Our approach starts with listening. We help organize a free-flowing, creative atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable shaping the project.


Human-interaction always comes before the technology.

Our goal is to make seemingly complex processes simpler and easier on a day-to-day basis. As engineers, we oftentimes build software and technology to help achieve this goal, but we always favor lightweight solutions that feel most natural to the people who will be using it.

Designing together with you helps us find a path forward where change can be made with the least amount of disruption.

Our clients are both small and large organizations. We focus on projects that serve the people and the community first.